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Others Testing

Transformer Oil

Transformer oil is vital in the cooling process of a transformer. Chemical contamination, Electrical and thermal stress can reduce component life and cause failure. We provide you the entire gament of transformer testing requirement including the following.

  • Dielectric breakdown
  • Moisture analysis
  • Acidity
  • Tan Delta
  • Dissolved gas analysis
  • Density
  • Viscosity
  • Flash point
  • Pour point etc

Shellac / Seed-lac

Shellac is a resin secreted by the female lac bug, on trees in the forests of India and Thailand.Shellac is a natural bioadhesive polymer and is chemically similar to synthetic polymers, and thus can be considered a natural form of plastic.

The following are the test we do

  • Colour Index
  • Appearence
  • Acid Value
  • Ash Content
  • Insolubility in hot alcohol
  • Melting Point
  • Moisture
  • Saponification Value
  • Wax Content
  • Rosin
  • Ester Value
  • Heavy Metals
  • Iron
  • Total Plate Count/gm
  • Mould/gm
  • Yeast/gm
  • Flow
  • Polymerization time

Cosmetics/ Hosehold and Personal Care

We do the following analysis :

  • Chemical Testing
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Microbiological Parameters
  • Migration Testing
  • Efficacy Testing